EST. 2017

The leading Thai Tea brand in the country, known for bringing the authentic flavors of Thailand to the Philippines.

We concoct products that have the perfect blend of aroma, flavor, and taste that captures the best representation of Thailand’s local essence.

Our products, combined with our team of highly-passionate baristas delivering superior service, give our customers the feeling of being in a local Thai cafe.



Transform every corner into a haven where we
#BrightenYourMood with every cup.


Brighten Your Mood in Thai Characters


Tuki always move forward and always adapt.

Unendingly be passionate in all that we do.

Know what brightens our customers’ moods.

Inspire the senses.

Tuki a creature that fits himself inside a tuk tuk, is the overall
representation of the brand. He is always moving forward and
adapting to every environment he's in.